What will Donald Trump do next? Channel 4 to explore the President’s policies in new documentary

Former Washington correspondent Matt Frei will try to get to the bottom of what a Trump presidency looks like


As President Elect Donald Trump prepares to head to Washington DC and take over the White House, he leaves a question in his wake: what is he actually going to do?


Sure, he’s talked about banning all Muslims, building a wall (and making Mexico pay for it) and smashing Isis – but vague promises and rhetoric could be hard to translate into actual policies and laws. We can’t even take any clues from his track record, as Trump has zero political experience.

With this in mind, Channel 4 has ordered a Dispatches special titled The World According to President Trump to try to get to the bottom of it all.

The documentary sees Matt Frei speak to those who may know more about Trump’s approach to politics in an attempt to answer another question: “How scared should we be?”

Commissioning editor George Waldrum commented: “We have never seen anything like it before, or possibly ever will again.

“The controversy surrounding the election has been remarkable and it is a great opportunity to continue the coverage and analysis on Channel 4. Matt Frei has been at the heart of the election coverage and can provide great insight into the aftermath of the election.”

Matt Frei is now Europe Editor and Presenter at Channel 4 News but has previously served stints as Washington Correspondent for Channel 4 and for the BBC.


The World According to President Trump will air on Saturday 12th November at 9:30pm on Channel 4