Viewers couldn’t handle seeing snails on celebs’ faces in bizarre 100 Years Younger beauty treatment

"I never thought I'd see Dot Cotton from EastEnders with 5 snails crawling all over her face"

100 Years Younger in 21 Days (ITV, EH)

Celebrities were subject to a novelty beauty treatment called the “snail facial” in a new ITV documentary and viewers could not handle it.


In the debut episode of 100 Years Younger in 21 Days on Tuesday night, June Brown, Shaun Ryder, Roy Walker, Claire King, Russell Grant, Sid Owen, Sherrie Hewson and Sandra Martin were whisked off to Sardinian rejuvenation clinic.

But one of the treatments was a little on the unconventional side, and consisted of five snails sliming their way across the celebrities’ faces in order to “reduce wrinkling and skin damage”.

Viewers were not keen on the snail facial, to put it lightly.

Meanwhile, 91-year-old EastEnders actress June Brown revealed not only her secret to staying so young – but also her “drawers”. Oops!


You’ve got to love this woman.