Three Wives, One Husband: being around so many babies gave the documentary crew the baby bug

The new Channel 4 documentary features one Mormon family that has 17 children


Three Wives, One Husband is a new, lid-lifting Channel 4 documentary which explores the fundamentalist Mormon community in Utah: from their belief in an impending apocalypse to their multiple wives – and their dozens of offspring.


In the first episode of the series, we see the birth of the Foster family’s 17th child, and it seems that after a year of spending time with so many babies, the filming crew got a bit broody.

Three people on the crew decided to have a baby while they were out there filming, executive producer Will Anderson told, “partly because you’re surrounded by these amazing families and you do slightly feel like you’re missing out.”

He added that the Mormon community found it “odd” that many of the crew were in their thirties and were yet to have kids. “I’m in my forties and when I first went out there I only had one small child; since I went I’ve had another one.”

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