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The Coronation: Twitter watched in glee as the Queen handled her jewels

Current national mood: YAAAS QUEEN

Published: Monday, 15th January 2018 at 9:43 am

In The Coronation, Queen Elizabeth II gave her version of the day in 1953 that made her monarch. And all Twitter wanted to do was make jokes about how the Queen handled her crown.


During the interview with Alastair Bruce, assistants wearing white gloves carefully placed the headpiece in front of the Queen, who prodded the “heavy” headpiece before jostling the crown.

And viewers were captivated by her forthright manner…

Viewers were also impressed by the Queen's no-nonsense sense of humour. After being told that the jewels were hidden in a biscuit tin during World War II, EIIR seemed unimpressed. She wondered whether the courtier who hid them had shared the secret with anyone else.

"'He might have died in the middle," she noted, as upper-lips across the country stiffened in respect.

And the sass continued…

Overall, she came across to many as warm and brilliantly down to earth…


God bless, ya, Liz.


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