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Spy In The Wild's grieving monkeys are breaking the internet's heart

The nature series has been giving viewers ALL of the feelings and ALL of the tears

Published: Friday, 13th January 2017 at 7:21 am

David Tennant's dulcet tones returned to our TV screens in hidden camera nature documentary Spy In The Wild last night and while the creepy animatronic cameras (concealed in supposedly life-like creatures) were the stuff of nightmares for some, one of the new contraptions left a group of Langur monkeys – and the internet – in tears.


The curious monkeys couldn't help but play around with the new addition to their family before accidentally dropping their fake new friend, you see.

And then, thinking they'd actually killed one of their own, went into mass mourning for their fallen comrade.

Their display of grief, compassion and support for each other was just TOO MUCH for Twitter to handle.

There were tears.

LOTS of tears.


But don't worry, other animals were on hand to lighten the mood too.


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