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Liz Bonnin documentary Drowning in Plastic has a huge impact on viewers

Viewers were shocked by "heartbreaking" scenes showing the damage inflicted by plastic waste

Published: Tuesday, 2nd October 2018 at 9:36 am

Liz Bonnin's BBC1 documentary Drowning in Plastic has left a lasting impact on viewers, many of whom took to social media to praise the groundbreaking film.


Viewers were shocked by "upsetting" and "heartbreaking" scenes showing the damage inflicted by plastic waste.

During the documentary, Bonnin watched a shearwater chick's stomach being pumped to remove pieces of plastic.

She also accompanied a team of biologists who examined a dead seal pup, later determining a plastic chord wrapped round its neck as the cause of death.

"This is just utterly heartbreaking and devastating," one viewer posted on Twitter. "How have we allowed this happen to our planet?"

Viewers also urged others to watch the show, with one Twitter user deeming the documentary "heartbreaking but SO important".

"Just watching #drowninginplastic and it’s really upsetting to see the state of our oceans," one viewer wrote on Twitter. "Can not believe how much plastic the sealife have in their stomachs. Hope we can fix the problem and start to reverse."


You can catch up on Drowning in Plastic on BBC iPlayer here


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