Life can be dangerous when you’re a dark tourist.

That’s how presenter David Farrier introduces his Netflix docu-series, which sees him visit some of the world’s most haunting places, including a nuclear wasteland and Pablo Escobar’s 5-star prison.

Where to watch Dark Tourist?

All eight episodes of Dark Tourist are available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

What is Dark Tourist about?

Dark Tourist follows New Zealander David Farrier as he investigates extreme travel and what draws people to it. Nothing is off-limits, regardless of how taboo or grotesque the subject may be.

Some of Farrier's exploits include embarking on a tour led by Pablo Escobar’s hitman-turned-aspiring action-movie-star and a spot of "trendy" nuclear tourism in radiation-ravaged Fukushima.

The docu-series offers an interesting, if rather superficial, insight into a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular around the globe.

As well as meeting the locals who make a profit out of the dark tourism industry, Farrier also chats with fellow dark tourists to figure out why they seek out these unusual experiences.

As a result, he ends up bonding with a Jeffrey Dahmer admirer, spending time with a South African white nationalist group, and having dinner with blood-sucking 'vampires'.

Where is Dark Tourist filmed?

Each episode of Dark Tourist is filmed in a different region. In the first episode, Farrier travels to Latin America to visit Colombia and Mexico. Episode two centres on Japan, while episodes three and eight are all about the US.

Other filming locations include Kazakhstan, England, Cyprus, Cambodia, Indonesia, Benin and South Africa.

How many seasons of Dark Tourist are there?

There is only one series of Dark Tourist on Netflix. As of yet, Netflix hasn't announced whether the docu-series will be brought back for a second run.

Host David Farrier has expressed he's keen and has plenty more dark tourism hotspots to explore.

Who presents Dark Tourist?

Dark Tourist is presented by David Farrier, who also served as an executive producer.

The journalist from New Zealand rose to fame with the critically acclaimed Tickled, a brilliantly bizarre documentary about competitive tickling.

Unfortunately, Tickled is only available to stream on Hulu and HBO. Those in the UK can Buy & Keep it on Sky or watch it on YouTube Movies for a small fee.