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Spider crabs terrify Blue Planet II viewers

Everyone needs to take a deep breath after that mountain of crabs crawled across screens last night in the BBC1 David Attenborough nature documentary

Published: Monday, 27th November 2017 at 10:23 am

We’ve had the giant carnivorous Bobbit worm burrowing its way into nightmares across the nation and now spider crabs are haunting the Blue Planet II audience. That’s right: SPIDER crabs.


Episode four saw hundreds of thousands of the beasts emerge from the depths of the ocean to moult their exoskeletons in 100 metre long crowds.

“They’re not seeking mates, neither are they laying eggs. They have come here in order to grow,” explained narrator David Attenborough. “Like all crabs, their bodies are encased in a hard unexpandable shell, so to grow they have to break out of it.”

Viewers found the sequence seriously creepy...

And now nobody's going near the sea again.

However, some couldn’t help wonder if there was more to the creatures than met the eye…

If for some reason you think you can stomach another look at that mountain of crabs, you can find out how the Blue Planet II crew filmed the epic scene here.


Blue Planet II continues 8pm Sunday night, BBC1


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