“You wouldn’t want Karen Bradley on your pub quiz team” Culture Secretary avoids Piers Morgan’s questions in awkward GMB interview

He estimates that he asked the MP “about 23 times” about the number of armed police in the UK


Jeremy Paxman infamously once asked Michael Howard the same question twelve times in a row. But it looks like Piers Morgan might have just stolen his crown.


On Good Morning Britain today, Morgan grilled Culture Secretary Karen Bradley over and over again about whether numbers of armed officers are up or down and she refused to answer.

Here’s a taster:

“Let me ask you a very simple question,” probed Piers at the beginning of the interview. “Do we have more or fewer armed police than we had in 2010?” to which Karen said: “We have protected counter-terrorism policing…” but she was soon cut off.

“More or fewer armed police than we had in 2010?” again Piers said, as the pair spoke over each other.

“Can you please just answer the question please?!” Piers shouted at her.

This went on…and on…and on. He asked her the same question more than eight times before the conversation swerved to topics like tackling terrorism and Jeremy Corbyn.

Then when he asked her how many mosques were in the country, Karen responded: “This isn’t a pub quiz, Piers” before the conversation turned again to the number of armed officers. At the end of the interview he asked her a further four times – and she still didn’t have an answer.

The interview was branded a “car crash” and “nightmare” – and in a rare moment, Piers actually won praise from people.


Although we’re sure it won’t be long before normal service is resumed and Piers is again facing the wrath of angry viewers.