Who is your favourite Newsround presenter of all time?

Everyone has an opinion - and now it's time to vote...


In 1972 it became one of the world’s first youth-focused news programmes, and for the past 45 years has continued to educate and inform generations of 6-12 year old Britons (and probably a good deal of adults!).


The show has produced and cultivated many presenters who have gone on to become household names in adult journalism at the BBC and across news media – but who is your favourite?

Are you a traditionalist who believes the show will always belong to John Craven, or do you think Julie Etchingham, Lizo Mzimba or Krishnan Guru-Murthy made the show better? Is your Newsround presenter Becky Jago or are you all about Ellie Crisell or Jake Humphrey?


There’s only one way to settle this once and for all and that’s with a good old fashioned vote.