Michael Gove made a joke about Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard and Matt Lucas is not happy

Oh my god, we so can’t believe Gove just said that!

Michael Gove

Not content with only dropping a (rather cringe-worthy) Game of Thrones reference on the Today programme, Michael Gove has now used a Little Britain line in parliament – and creator Matt Lucas did not approve.


Speaking ahead of the Prime Minister’s vote of no confidence, the Secretary of State for Environment aimed a catchphrase belonging to Vicky Pollard – the obnoxious teenager played by Lucas – at fellow MP Vince Cable.

Arguing that the Lib Dem leader said he was against the 2016 referendum despite his party being one of the first to call for an in/out vote, Gove said: “Because he doesn’t like the result of the last referendum he now wants another referendum.

“The Liberal Democrat policy on referendums is not the policy of Gladstone or Lloyd George. It’s the policy of Vicky Bollard: no but yeah but no but yeah.”

Yet Lucas – who wrote and starred in the classic BBC comedy – was not all too thrilled by the reference, particularly how Gove called the character Vicky ‘Bollard’ instead of Pollard.

As we mentioned above, Gove recently compared Brexit to Game of Thrones by quoting Jon Snow (insert your own “you know nothing” joke here). Speaking about the vote on Theresa’s May Brexit deal, he said: “If we don’t vote for the deal tonight, in the words of Jon Snow, ‘winter is coming’.”

And, looking further back, there also exists a video of the former chief whip invading journalist James Delingpole’s garden to chat about his favourite Game of Thrones moment.

We can’t recommend you watch it.


Maybe pop culture just isn’t you for, hun.

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