Jon Snow feuds with Piers Morgan over fake news

The Channel 4 newsreader and the Good Morning Britain host were having a hard time agreeing what was true and what was fake on Twitter


Piers Morgan versus Jon Snow: it’s on! Snow (the Channel 4 news presenter, not the resurrected warrior of Westeros) has fired back at Piers Morgan, who called the newsreader an “expert” at fake news.


Why? Well, Morgan’s comment came as Snow prepared to front Channel 4’s ‘Fake News Week’, which aims to provide “an insight into the post-truth world”.

Cue a startling appropriate Twitter exchange that underlines the dangers of said “post-truth world”.

Morgan, ever the diplomat, took issue with Snow’s involvement after the C4 News man accidentally reported Morgan had been suspended from his now-cancelled CNN show in 2011.


The pair’s war of words are over for now, but their twitter spat gives us a brilliant excuse to have another look at Jon Snow in his full-moustachioed Fake News Week trailer glory…