Here’s how to watch Tim Peake’s first spacewalk

The British astronaut will step outside the ISS to repair a faulty component at 12:55 GMT


Tim Peake will take his first steps outside the International Space Station this afternoon to replace a faulty component on its exterior. And he’s making history as he does it.


Why? Because he’ll be the first “official” British astronaut to embark upon such a walk. Brit Michael Foale stepped outside the station back in 1995 but he was there under a US banner with Nasa.

Major Peake’s extra-vehicular activity (EVA) – that’s the official term for his spacewalk – will be undertaken with Nasa astronaut Tim Kopra.

When will it take place?

The spacewalk begins at 12:55 GMT and will take six-and-a-half-hours.

How can I watch it?

Right here. The video will start broadcasting live via NASA from 11:30 GMT. You can also follow updates on Twitter @esaoperations.

Speaking about his first external walk, Peake told BBC’s Stargazing Live: “I think a spacewalk is absolutely the pinnacle of an astronaut’s career.

“We’ve put a huge amount of effort into this spacewalk. It’s hugely exciting and we’re ready to go.”


Peake and Kopra will travel 50m to the edge of the space station in order to make the repair and will be attached to the structure with a steel cord.