Forget One Direction, David Dimbleby is headlining a huge EU referendum debate live at Wembley Arena!

The event featuring thousands of referendum voters will be one of three major debates in the run-up to the EU referendum


Wembley Arena has a new headline act: David Dimbleby is set to present a live politics debate for the BBC from the 12,000-seat venue in the run-up to the EU referendum.


The debate, featuring key members from both the ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ Europe camps, will be held on Tuesday 21 June, just two days before the referendum vote itself.

Broadcasters Mishal Husain and Emily Maitlis will join Dimbleby for the BBC’s “biggest ever campaign event”, one of three key debates planned by the corporation ahead the EU referendum.

On Thursday 19 May, Victoria Derbyshire will present the first debate programme from Glasgow, aimed at younger voters.

Dimbleby will host a Question Time Europe special on Wednesday 15 June, with the Wembley event set to take place just under a week later.

Politicians praying for the ballot ‘X’ factor are yet to be confirmed, but the BBC promise they will feature “key campaigners from both sides of the debate”.