Anti-Brexit protester keeps trying to gatecrash BBC News in hilarious live TV blooper

The demonstrator and the BBC News director got stuck in a brilliant game of cat-and-mouse

Anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray stands outside parliament with EU and Union Flags and a placard that reads

BBC News – the gift that keeps on giving – has inadvertently provided another bit of TV gold on the day Theresa May reveals her Brexit deal to cabinet.


It all started as a protester crept into the centre of the shot as a presenter interviewed Chatham House researcher Georgina Wright, carrying two double-sided signs which bore slogans like “save the NHS” and “stop the Brexit mess”.

But the fun really began after the BBC News director attempted to freeze him out by switching to a second shot of Wright, only for the protester to foil him by sneaking into that shot too, clearly aware of how the angles had been set up.

This continued, apace, for over one joyous minute.

The demonstrator, who was draped in a Union flag and sporting a top had with “stop Brexit” written on it, has been identified on Twitter as campaigner Steve Bray, who has staged a daily protest outside parliament every day for over a year.


It may not have the desired effect of stopping Brexit, but it has given us a laugh, at the very least.