The cast of Will & Grace reunite for a musical number mocking Donald Trump

"Little hands, little hands, he has little hands, he has tiiiiny little baby hands"


In Will & Grace’s reunion skit about the US presidential election, Karen (Megan Mullally) was a Donald Trump voter while Jack (Sean Hayes) was undecided – but Will and Grace’s attempts to persuade them must have worked, because now the whole cast have thrown their weight behind the Hillary Clinton campaign.


Mullally and Hayes joined Debra Messing (Grace) and Eric McCormack (Will) to perform a witty musical number blasting Trump.

At a Clinton fundraiser in Los Angeles, the foursome parodied the song Officer Krupke from West Side Story, featuring lyrics such as “The trouble is he’s racist, the trouble is he’s unfair, the trouble is he’s tasteless, the trouble is his hair.”


Watch the full performance below: