Someone has worked out what Homer Simpson would look like in real life and it’s awful

This may haunt our dreams for a while to come

Homer Simpson (Fox, Sky, HF)

Fancy seeing a viral tweet that will simultaneously massage your TV nostalgia and haunt your dreams for years to come?


Well lucky you, because that’s exactly what the internet is offering us this week after a “3D re-imagining” of beloved Simpsons patriarch Homer was uploaded to Twitter by Miguel Vasquez.

If you thought an almost-hairless, jaundice-yellow cartoon character couldn’t look any weirder, then check out the image below and prepare to revise your opinion.

And it’s fair to say that people on Twitter were equally creeped out by Vasquez’s design.

Though some others thought that earlier attempts at humanising Homer had been even creepier…


Anyway, whichever creepy, flesh-coloured monster you favour we can all be sure of one thing – we’re much happier with our vaguely inhuman Simpsons characters when they stick firmly within the realm of hand-drawn animation. Don’t do it again, internet.