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Kaley Cuoco: “Geeks are sexy!”

The Big Bang Theory star talks about Penny and Leonard's relationship, getting big laughs live - and offers hope to young men in darkened rooms lit only by laptops… logo
Published: Wednesday, 28th August 2013 at 2:54 pm

Is there trouble ahead for Leonard and Penny in the new series of The Big Bang Theory?


Oh, there’s always a problem with those two – but that’s part of the fun of the show. To be honest, I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen to them this season. It’s always a mystery to me. Every week, I look at a new script and I’m blown away by where we’re heading. I look forward to finding out soon.

Do you think Penny and Leonard belong together?

At the end of day, I think they’re just really good friends for now. That’s what I honestly believe. Down the line, like at the end of the show, I really hope they are together – but right now, I think it’s probably not right for them.

Would you like to see Penny dating other guys this year?

I would love that. Penny dating… That would be fun. She hasn’t really done that in a very long time, so it would be cool to see it on the show. I’m always interested in fun opportunities like that.

What else would you like to see happen on the show this year?

I would love to meet Penny’s mother this season. I have my dream idea of who she would be in my head, but I think she’s the only parent left to see on the show. It would be really fun for that to happen this year.

Who would you like to see playing Penny’s mother on the show?

Lisa Kudrow would be perfect. I’ve been putting that idea out there to everyone. I say it in every interview in the hope that she might read it and ask to be involved. That would be awesome. I know the writers would write something great for her, so it will be a great opportunity – but I’ve no idea if it’s actually going to happen or not. I can only keep my fingers crossed.

How would you envision Penny’s mother coming into the show?

I think Lisa Kudrow is the perfect age to play Penny’s mother because Penny is just like a little Lisa. I almost see her as a MILF hitting on all the guys. That would be so much fun! She could arrive on the show as a cougar, but you’d get the feeling that this has happened many times before.

That would make perfect sense considering some of the sibling issues Penny faces…

Exactly. All the siblings are so messed up with parole and other nonsense. You have to have a reason behind where that comes from: their mother.

Would you like to see Penny move on from her job at The Cheesecake Factory?

It would nice to get out of The Cheesecake Factory. I’m ready to not work there anymore, but it works out well for storylines. I think it would be funny to see some of Penny’s horrible acting gigs. She’s a terrible actress, but that’s what’s funny.

Do you think Penny’s acting career will ever take off?

Will she ever get a job? That’s hilarious. She’ll do anything to get out of The Cheesecake Factory restaurant business, but I’m not sure she’s going to become a professional actress. I always thought it would be fun for her to get a job on a soap opera or something to try and sharpen her skills. Whatever happens, she can’t stand working at the restaurant anymore. She hates that outfit. She hates everything about it. She’s done.

How would you describe Penny’s relationship with Amy?

What’s sweet about their relationship is the fact that Amy is a good friend and she always wants to help. I love that. It’s very, very cute. Some people think there’s a little bit more to the relationship, but I’m not sure about that. I don’t know if Amy has the skills necessary in relationships. However, I know Amy literally likes being the shoulder Penny cries on. I think she likes having a friend to go to and to have someone go to her. It’s very sweet. Penny can rely on her. I don’t know if she would be able to give the right advice, but Penny still gives it anyway. Amy is starting to come into her own, too. It’s fun seeing all of these characters grow.

How much fun do you have making the show?

We have so much fun on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, it’s hilarious. I really enjoy our rehearsals during the week, but it’s also fun when we get to tape in front of the live studio audience. That’s always cool.

What happens during the live taping if a joke doesn’t make the audience laugh?

If that happens, the writers write another joke. Some jokes just don’t work and you get stuck in the middle of the scene waiting for laughs that are never going to happen. It’s very rare, but it does happen. You think to yourself, ‘Great! Well, that didn't work.’

What do you do when something like that happens in front of a live audience?

You just keep going. You carry on with the scene, but as soon as you stop – the writers jump into action. You’ll see 30 people running from out of the darkness with 30 new ideas. In the end, they always get a laugh. The writers know what they’re doing and they know what’s funny. We rarely get killed on a joke. It just doesn’t happen.

Did you always know the show was going to be successful?

I knew it from the very first episode. I knew we’d created something funny and entertaining and different. We had an incredible cast and funny stories to tell… I had a feeling that it was all going to work out. Thankfully, I was right.

What do you like about your character?

I love Penny because she’s incredibly sweet. She genuinely loves these guys and there’s not a mean bone in her body. She’s awesome.

And finally… Can geeks be sexy?

Of course they can! Smart is absolutely sexy. These are smart, brilliant people – and that’s something very attractive indeed.




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