Jeff Bridges stars in Big Lebowski inspired advert for White Russians

The Dude abides again as the Oscar-winning actor appears in an advert for Kahlúa

The Dude. Duder. El Duderino. Whatever you call him, Jeff Bridges’s character in The Big Lebowski has become a cult hero, approaching every problem with a shrug and a sip of White Russian.


Now Kahlúa, the coffee flavoured liqueur which makes up one third of the ingredients in the cocktail (along with vodka and cream/milk), has hired Bridges to star in an advert quasi-semi-sorta-inspired by the Coen Brothers’ movie.

Except it’s not made by the Cohen Brothers, but a man named Ivan Zacharias. And Bridges doesn’t play the Dude. And it’s the same vague claptrap that brands always produce when their marketing department has too much money.


Still, White Russians are delicious. Nothing can change that. Dude.