Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse plan their first ever live national comedy tour

The legendary comedians are to take to the road in the autumn, RadioTimes.com can exclusively reveal

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse are planning their first ever live tour together, RadioTimes.com can reveal.


The two are working on a national tour with the working title “Legends” according to Whitehouse with a smile.

It will feature some of the TV characters they have worked on together, including the 1980s’ greedy glutton Loadsamoney, the 90s’ “Suits you, sir!” tailors and more recent creations like the two erudite surgeons in their BBC sketch show Harry & Paul.

“We have never done it since 1988 and all the stuff we have done on telly has never been done live. Before we die, or before another comedian puts a contract out on us we thought we’d do a live show. Hopefully in the autumn. Mainly in Iceland but we thought we’d do a couple of UK dates.”

The duo are currently writing a special for the BBC marking a quarter of a century since they dazzled the TV comedy scene with Harry Enfield and Chums in 1990.

This was the programme that Enfield and Whitehouse co-wrote with Charlie Higson and the late Geoffrey Perkins and marks a key moment in TV comedy careers which have brought us Loadsamoney, the Suits You Men and others.

The BBC special will air later this year and promises to be a twisted “Audience with…” style show according to Whitehouse with the two of them playing a range of guests including Margaret Thatcher and Wolf Hall actor Mark Rylance.


It follows last year’s Harry & Paul’s Story of the Twos which was a merciless hour-long “tribute” to the channel’s most iconic programmes and personalities.