Greg Davies stars in first look at Man Down series two

The upcoming series of the sitcom will be the first full run without the show's original star Rik Mayall, who passed away last year aged 56

Performing dogs, gym trips, fake eyebrows and bin man japes. Man Down is back for its second run on Channel 4, and life isn’t getting any easier for Greg Davies’ character Dan. 


A 40-second trailer for the sitcom’s upcoming series sees all the mishaps, mistakes and comedy moments we’ve come to expect from the show and its stars.

But there is one notable exception. The second series of Davies’ sitcom will look a little different, as it’s returning without one of its leading actors Rik Mayall, who passed away last year aged 56. 

Mayall had played Dan’s father – and main tormentor – in the show. That position has now been filled by Stephanie Cole who will take on a bigger role after playing Dan’s feisty Aunt Nesta in last year’s Christmas special. 


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