Channing Tatum brought out his best Magic Mike moves for a fan in a petrol station

You can take the man out of the strip club...


Channing Tatum made a fan’s day in North Carolina, when he popped into a petrol station and busted some of his finest Magic Mike moves with the cashier. 


The star was passing through the southern US state on a long drive across the country when he dropped into the petrol station for some snacks, and seemed more than happy to entertain Beatrice, a huge fan who happened to be working the tills that evening. She didn’t pussyfoot around the star, demanding a hug immediately. 

Then, emulating the scene from Magic Mike XXL in which his character was dared to make the cashier smile with a striptease, Tatum began to boogie down with Beatrice to Nas’s If I Ruled The World. Watch the magic unfold below:

It wasn’t quite as provocative as this:

But it’s safe to say Beatrice left work that night with a smile on her face.


Tatum, who is currently promoting new comedy Logan Lucky, also stopped to pose for pictures with fans during the 6-minute clip on Facebook Live.