Benedict Cumberbatch read James Corden a scary bedtime story about the US election

The Tale of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is stranger than fiction, we'd say


If you’re not planning to stay up tonight to watch the US election results flood in, then you could probably use a bedtime story to help you nod off, right?


Well, luckily for you Benedict Cumberbatch and James Corden have teamed up to deliver us just that, creating a fairytale version of the Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton battle as told by Cumberbatch to his “son” Corden.

Telling the tale of a woman looking to rule a magical land, only to struggle in a scary forest full of trolls, emails and House Select Committee on Benghazi (bit of a Game of Thrones crossover there), the story concludes as Hillary faces a terrifying orange monster who threatens “I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and put a ban on all Muslims.”


Only time (and a few key swing states) will tell who actually rules the kingdom at the end of the story tomorrow, but one thing is for sure – almost any terrifying political reality sounds better through the sonorous filter of Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice.