Arrested Development: Meet Maeby Funke

A quick guide to the long suffering daughter of Lindsay and Tobias, played by Alia Shawket

Maeby is the ambiguous spawning of Lindsay and Tobias, and the source of her cousin George Michael’s constant discomfort. Due to her mother, on many occasions, seemingly forgetting she has a daughter, Maeby is ruthless and disinterested in her own life prospects in favour of trying to achieve visibility to her parents, mostly through cons and ruthless stealing, and accidental incestuous clinches with the majority of her family.


It is her’s and George Micheal’s relationship however that is the main element of frustration for them both throughout the series’ arch, with the pesky cousin status casting something of a dark cloud on their blossoming young romance, although it is still not certain if they actually are or not.

In her spare time, she happens to be a big shot Hollywood exec. 

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Marry me!” 


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