Moss, Roy and Jen - the ragtag employees of Reynholm Industries' neglected IT department - are being turned off and on again for the very last time.


The Channel 4 sitcom ran for four series from 2006 before the gang were discarded like yesterday's jam (inside joke there). But now they are back for an hour long super-special, special. Here's why we can't wait to tune in..

They struggle in the modern world of dating. Need to work on those chat up lines, chaps...
They introduced us to the Elders of the Internet. Who, of course, exist. They live in Big Ben, you know...

They panic in social situations. Think before you speak, Moss.

>They are the masters of melodrama. And expletives.

They are nothing if not resourceful. Did YOU see that ludicrous display last night?

They have taught us how NOT to use the disabled toilet...

They know how to make a dramatic entrance. And pull off a snazzy white suit.

They have perfected the art of the hand gesture.

They don't cope well under extreme pressure. Or know how to adjust the height of their swivelly chairs.

They don't know what IT means either...


The IT Crowd: The Final Episode is on tonight at 9:00pm on Channel 4.