When is A Discovery of Witches season 2 released on Sky One? Who is in the cast, and what’s going to happen?

Everything you need to know about the returning supernatural romance starring Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer

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The second series of fantasy drama A Discovery of Witches (based on the All Souls novel series by Deborah Harkness) is currently filming ahead of a confirmed early 2020 airdate.


Shot in Wales in the newly-minted Bad Wolf studios (a space opened by former Doctor Who producers Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner), the series follows a young academic (Teresa Palmer) who begins to reconnect with her witch heritage after meeting a charming vampire (Matthew Goode), the pair becoming embroiled in a supernatural war as time goes on.

“We were absolutely thrilled that A Discovery of Witches was such a hit with viewers,” Tranter said.

“There was a real sense of community throughout the run as fans old and new joined together to watch each week.

“We cannot wait to continue the journey with them and, as the show continues to sell around the world, bring a global fanbase to these engaging and fascinating characters.”

“Given how warmly the season was received, I’m thrilled that we will be continuing with the story of the All Souls Trilogy,” Harkness added.

“There is so much to look forward to as we travel into Matthew’s past and delve further into the mysteries surrounding Diana’s power and Ashmole 782.”

In season two, Diana and Matthew find themselves flung through time in Elizabethan London – and you can find out everything else you need to know about the returning series below…

When is A Discovery of Witches season 2 on TV?

Matthew Goode filming A Discovery of Witches (Sky)
Matthew Goode filming A Discovery of Witches (Sky)

The second series is currently filming, and while no official airdate has been announced Sky and NOWTV have confirmed that the series will air in 2020 rather than late 2019.

This will mean a bit of a wait for dedicated fans, but with filming underway the steady drip of news and character announcements is sure to keep them excited.

Who is in the cast of A Discovery of Witches season 2?

'Victoria' Press Screening

Tom Hughes is the first new addition for the cast of series two, with the Victoria star set to play real-life Elizabethan playwright Christopher “Kit” Marlowe.

“I’m looking forward to stepping into Deborah’s fantastical world to play such a fascinating man as Kit Marlowe,” Hughes told RadioTimes.com.

“With a rich history to draw from, Kit’s darkness and mercurial nature will be delight to delve in to.”

Sky also announced in September a slate of brand new additions to the star-studded cast, most notably Tony-nominee Hancock, James Purefoy (Sex Education) and Steven Cree (Outlander, Deep Water) as Goody Alsop, Philippe and Gallowglass respectively.

Click here for the full list of season two cast additions

Alex Kingston, Teresa Palmer and Valarie Pettiford in A Discovery of Witches (Sky One, HF)
Alex Kingston, Teresa Palmer and Valarie Pettiford in A Discovery of Witches (Sky One)

Otherwise, the main cast of season one are set to return. Australian actor Teresa Palmer and Brit Matthew Goode take the lead roles of Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont, the witch and vampire whose unlikely romance ends up having massive ramifications.

Lindsay Duncan also stars in the series as Matthew’s mother Ysabeau, with Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston playing a key role as Diana’s aunt and guardian Sarah Bishop.

Other cast members include Louise Brealey, Owen Teale, Aisling Loftus, Greg McHugh, Elarica Johnson and Valarie Pettiford. New cast members for the second series are expected to be announced soon.

Is there a trailer A Discovery of Witches season 2?

Sadly not yet, though with filming underway we may be able to expect something in the coming weeks.

What will happen in A Discovery of Witches season 2?

Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode in in A Discovery of Witches (Sky, HF)
Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode in in A Discovery of Witches (Sky, HF)

While we wouldn’t want to give too much away, the second series will be based on Harkness’ already-released book Shadow of Night, and on the author’s website the plot is summarised as follows:

“Book Two of the All Souls Trilogy plunges Diana and Matthew into Elizabethan London, a world of spies and subterfuge, and a coterie of Matthew’s old friends, the mysterious School of Night.

“The mission is to locate a witch to tutor Diana and to find traces of Ashmole 782, but as the net of Matthew’s past tightens around them they embark on a very different journey, one that takes them into heart of the 1,500 year old vampire’s shadowed history and secrets. For Matthew Clairmont, time travel is no simple matter; nor is Diana’s search for the key to understanding her legacy.”

Given the end of season one it seems likely that the new series will fairly closely follow this storyline, though as with season one there may be some divergences – including a new storyline that will see Lindsay Duncan’s imperious vampire Ysabeau join forces with Diana’s witch aunts.

“Back in the present day, Diana’s beloved aunts, Sarah and Em, must take shelter with notorious witchhunter Ysabeau de Clermont at her ancestral home, Sept-Tours,” Sky said in a tease of the second series.

“Meanwhile, in Oxford, Marcus and Miriam take on Matthew’s mantle to protect daemons Nathaniel and Sophie, whose pregnancy is advancing. And Gerbert, Knox, Satu and Domenico are determined to hunt down every clue they can to Diana’s and Matthew’s disappearance, and the secrets their allies are keeping from them.”

Who is writing A Discovery of Witches season 2?

Doctor Who scribe Sarah Dollard, known for episodes like Face the Raven and Thin Ice, has been tapped to write the second season, alongside The Musketeers’ Susie Conklin

Will there be a Discovery of Witches season 3?


There will indeed! The announcement about DoW’s second-season pickup also revealed that a third season has also been greenlit, based on Harkness’ third and final All Soul’s book The Book of Life.


After that, we might assume the series will come to a natural conclusion, but who knows? In a world of magic, anything can happen…