A 7-year-old has become the highest earning YouTuber of 2018

Meet Ryan, who's made millions by simply playing with toys

Ryan ToysReview

Forget PewDiePie, Joe Sugg and Zoella, there’s quite literally a new kid on the YouTube block and he’s blowing everyone else out of the water with his earnings.


Ryan, aka Ryan ToysReview, loves playing with toys and the seven-year-old has made more than $22 million (that’s £17.2 million) in the past 12 months for simply being a kid in front of a camera, according to Forbes.

Since 2015 (when he was just three years old) he’s been filmed testing out his toys and his parents (who are heavily involved themselves) have been uploading the videos to Ryan’s YouTube channel for his 17.3 million subscribers to enjoy.

And they’ve watched his pieces to camera so much that he’s even been chosen to launch his own range of toys and clothes for fans to buy in US chain Walmart, including eggs and squishies.

What’s the secret to his success? “I’m entertaining and I’m funny”, he told NBC news, while taking their intrepid reporter on a tour of a toy shop where they rode around on his range of bicycles.

We know what you’re thinking – either ‘why didn’t my parents make money from our old grainy home movies of me opening my Christmas presents?’ or ‘WHAT FRESH PHILIP K DICK-ESQUE DYSTOPIAN HELL IS THIS? – but before you go screaming blue murder about a child on the internet remember, he is just a kid.

And he’s actually got quite interesting plans for the future because what he really, really wants is to be a game developer.


Dream big, kid. You’ll probably have the savings to pay for university now anyway…