The cast of Lord of Rings reunited the Fellowship – with cutlery

“You have my spoon” “And you have my fork”


So it came to pass that cast members of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings trilogy reunited on Monday night. And into this meeting Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom and Oscar-nominated Viggo Mortensen poured in a heavy hit of nostalgia, re-forging the fellowship by re-enacting a vital scene from the first film in 2001. One reunion to rule them all.


Yes, as the history books of Minas Tirith will soon note, Dom Monaghan (Merry) proved he was no fool of Took by documenting the meeting on his Instagram page – most importantly, the fellowship’s battle with a cave troll in the mines of Moria.

However, instead of unsheathing Sting or Glamdring, the shire squad, elf and ranger had to make do with their cutlery.

Monaghan also caught a selfie with the Hobbits of the shire (excluding Sean Astin’s Sam)…

…plus a shot with Aragon, son of Arathorn. Well, Viggo Mortensen, who could pick up a Best Actor Academy Award for his role in Captain Fantastic.

But we know what you’ve thinking: “five there are here, yet nine there were set out from Rivendell. Tell me, where is Gandalf, Sam, Gimli and Boromir?” To put it simply, they weren’t there ­– they’re all very busy.

White Wizard Ian McKellen is promoting Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, Lembas-loving hobbit Sean Astin is working on the second season of Stranger Things, Captain of the White Tower Sean Bean is working on Canadian thriller Drone and warrior dwarf John Rhys-Davies is lending his voice to several video games.

But still, this five is over half of the original Rivendell nine. Even Elrond would have to raise a smile about that…


Maybe not then.