We all know JJ Abrams is a fan of the lens flare, but what does he make of sepia tone? How about Nashville? Sutra? Lo-Fi?

If you don't have Instagram, you'll (quite reasonably) have no idea what we're talking about – but maybe it's time to find out as even Darth Vader (notoriously set in his ways) is getting involved, posting a selfie to launch the official Star Wars 7 account on the photo-sharing social media site.


Now as selfies go, this one gives us the heebie jeebies. Rather than a beaming smile or pouty pose, Darth has gone for his trademark intense stare with a glimpse of his leather gloves capturing the photograph. The link to the Instagram account – along with the photo – was tweeted from the official Star Wars account with his infamous utterance, "It's useless to resist."

The spooky frame was soon followed up with a retro "Instagrammed" shot of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker engaging in battle from a scene in The Empire Strikes Back.


It wasn't long before the account's followers swelled to 60,000, with eager users also treated to a concept model of Colin Cantwell's Star Destroyer for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope...


With JJ Abrams' Episode VII set to begin filming at Pinewood Studios this January (with a December 2015 release date on the horizon), keep your eyes peeled for any production shots popping up on the account in the future.

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