Netflix releases (very cheesy) trailer to Christina Milian romcom Falling Inn Love

The film will follow Christina Milian winning a New Zealand inn house and – would you believe it – finding love

Falling Inn Love

Fans of derelict housing and mildly amusing wordplay, do we have a treat for you! Netflix has just released its first trailer for rom-com Falling Inn love. And yes, you’ve probably already worked out the plot.


The film is set to follow Gabriela, a “city girl” played by Christina Milian who wins a rustic New Zealand inn and falls in love with a contractor called Jake Taylor (Unreal’s Adam Demos).

We won’t lie to you, that’s pretty much it. There’s a goat that turns up at awkward moments too, if you’re interested. A customary shot of the male lead’s six-pack also. And we could also mention there’s a moment where Gabriela is asked to come back to the city and leave her Inn behind, which might make the movie’s title a bit redundant.

But let’s face it, all you need to expect is A) an Inn, B) some falling in love, and C) a probably quite cheery rom-com akin to a sexy Grand Designs with goats is making its way onto Netflix on 29th August.

You’re welcome.


Falling Inn Love is available to watch on Netflix from Netflix 29th