Kate Winslet on THAT Titanic debate: “Leo doesn’t care about the door!”

Apparently the two Titanic stars don't discuss the physics of that floating piece of wood as much as we all do...


Kate Winslet created an online storm recently after (finally) admitting there probably was room for both her character Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack on that door in Titanic. He, of course, eventually went to his icy death, while we all scratched our heads as to why she didn’t just budge over a bit, but we mustn’t dwell.


Alas, Winslet has laughed off claims the pair discuss said door each time they meet up.

“No, funnily enough he doesn’t [mention it]. Leo doesn’t care about the door!” she chuckled speaking backstage at the Baftas after winning Best Supporting Actress for her role as Joanna Hoffman in the Steve Jobs biopic.

Of the fuss that still surrounds the scene – 19 years on – Winslet laughed: “Do you know what’s lovely? So much time has passed that it doesn’t matter what I say now, it isn’t going to be a story that’s going to cause a huge furore. It’s just going to be something that makes people laugh. Thank god for the time and the passing of it. That’s all I can say.”


Clearly she doesn’t have a Google alert set up for ‘Titanic + door’…