JK Rowling wishes happy birthday to “the nicest bad guy ever”

Merlin's beard! It's Tom Felton's birthday today!

It’s Tom Felton’s birthday! Happy birthday, Tom Felton! The actor who played Draco Malfoy turns the grand old age of 28 today, although at least he can take comfort in the fact that his fictional counterpart is already 35 years old. The Hogwarts kids are getting old. 


We hope Tom is celebrating with a pint of Butterbeer (or if he’s feeling daring, some Firewhisky) – but to kick things off he has a tweet from JK Rowling, wishing happy birthday to “the nicest bad guy ever”. 


It’s become quite a tradition for the author to send her happy returns to Harry Potter’s various cast members and characters. Just last week Rowling marked Hermione Granger’s 36th year with tweet. 

And earlier this year she clarified the reason she would not be attending Draco’s birthday party.


We think we’re with JK on this one.

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