Google Maps reveals the location of Star Wars film’s hidden Millennium Falcon

The ship featured in The Last Jedi can be spotted in its hiding place in the middle of a field thanks to aerial photography

The Millennium Falcon

As recent trailers have now revealed, the Millennium Falcon plays a significant part in upcoming Star Wars movie The Last Jedi.


But of course, in between shooting, Disney wanted to keep Han Solo’s former ship under wraps, so they hid it out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by shipping containers and half covered by a tarpaulin. No-one’s going to find it there, right?

Wrong. Because they reckoned without pesky Google Maps, which has taken aerial snaps of the ship that can be spotted if you search close to the location of Longcross Studios in Surrey.

Or if that’s too much effort, this fan has kindly supplied a direct link to the spot in question.


Now, where did they put that new Death Star…