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Frozen 2 producer on Elsa's sexuality: "That’s just not part of the story we're telling"

It looks like we may have to wait a while to see the first gay Disney princess

Published: Friday, 22nd November 2019 at 9:19 am

Frozen producer Peter Del Vecho has shut down fan hopes that Elsa's ambiguous sexuality will be addressed in the sequel to the smash hit animation.


In the years since the film was released in 2014, Elsa - the princess with supernatural ability to control the weather - has been championed as an LGBTQ icon. In 2016, a Twitter campaign entitled #GiveElsaAGirlfriend went viral, as fans sought to influence the trajectory of the sequel.

But Delvecchio says that as with the original film, Elsa's storyline in Frozen 2 is "not romantic", and her sexuality will not be addressed.

"That’s just not part of the journey of the story we’re telling," Del Vecho told He says that her journey in Frozen 2 will instead be focused on self-discovery, as she attempts to understand how and why she ended up with her powers.

"What’s really important is, she’s really, for three years she has been queen, she doesn’t really understand why she’s the only human in the world that has these powers, or what she’s meant to do with these powers.

"Her journey isn’t a romantic one, it’s really trying to discover who she is and what her purpose is. and the core relationship, just like in the first film, is between Anna and Elsa. We wanted that again to be the strong relationship of family in the movie."


Frozen 2 is out in cinemas now


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