A Harry Potter fan just spotted something that will change the way you look at Chamber of Secrets

Enemies of the heir, beware!


JK Rowling is the queen of intricate plot details and often surprises us with her smashing foreshadowing but did she hide a major twist right in the middle of a key Chamber of Secrets scene?


Did she actually hint that Salazar Slytherin’s Basilisk wasn’t the cold hearted creature we thought it was?

Consider Redditor KP09590’s argument and you might just be convinced that she did.

Chamber of Secrets question from harrypotter

So basically, the basilisk wasn’t evil – it was just blindly following orders (especially after Fawkes finished off its eyes) and would actually help someone out if they needed assistance?

Now that, my dear Muggles – whether it be true or not – is a magical idea.


Justice for the Chamber of Secrets 1!