The king of the evening chat shows, Graham Norton routinely has the biggest names in entertainment jostling for a spot on his famous red sofa.


The show is of course filmed in front of a live audience, who occasionally get involved in the action with engagements, the presenting of bizarre celebrity gifts and even public rejections all taking place on national television.

Here's how you can get tickets to watch the show, so you can be there in person next time Mark Wahlberg has a bit too much to drink...

How can I get tickets to the Graham Norton Show?

Tickets for The Graham Norton Show are handled by SRO audiences. To obtain the free tickets you simply have to fill out the online form here.

You can apply for up to four tickets at a time, and simply list your top three preferred dates. Get in fast though - not everyone who applies is guaranteed a ticket.

Where is The Graham Norton Show filmed?

The Graham Norton Show has filmed at the Television Centre's Studio TC1 in White City, London since April 2018.

The chat show was previously filmed at the ITV's legendary The London Studios in Waterloo until the site was closed in 2018.

Is The Graham Norton Show live?

As long-time viewers will know, The Graham Norton Show is not live - a fact Graham is probably grateful for come the New Year's Eve special. The celebrity guests have let slip a few times that the show is instead filmed on Thursday evenings, a day before broadcast.


How can I appear in The Big Red Chair?

A favourite of acting royalty Russell Crowe, the Big Red Chair has become an iconic segment on The Graham Norton Show. The premise is simple - tell a good story, or risk getting flipped backwards in the legendary chair. If you have a good story to tell - or just really want to get flipped by Hollywood stars - then you'll have to send your story and contact details to the e-mail address found here.