The Leaders' Debate

The ITV Leaders' Debate


Theresa May did a U-turn on calling an early general election. Perhaps she’ll also change her mind about whether to debate with rival party leaders here? We’d better hope so, given the Conservative lead in the polls, or this televised hustings without the camera-shy Prime Minister will look odd.

May says she wants to prioritise meeting real people, as if campaigning on the doorstep and putting your case directly to eight million viewers were mutually exclusive. And if she won’t show, Jeremy Corbyn says he won’t either – for reasons equally thin. So host Julie Etchingham may be reduced to orchestrating a Brexit debate between Tim Farron, Nicola Sturgeon, Paul Nuttall and others. Still worth tuning in for, but hardly what the nation needs to banish voter apathy.


ITV News anchor Julie Etchingham presents a live two-hour debate between party leaders ahead of the General Election next month. They will each make opening statements, and then the audience will ask a series of questions, with each participant having the opportunity to answer before the floor is opened up to a period of free-flowing debate.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Julie Etchingham
Director David Coleman
Editor Alexander Gardiner
Producer Jemma Martinez
Current Affairs