When is Our Girl back on TV?

Michelle Keegan's army drama will soon be back on BBC1 with four new episodes


When is Our Girl back on TV?

Our Girl will return to BBC1 on Tuesday 5th June at 9pmthe BBC has confirmed.


As fans will remember, the third series has been split into three blocks of four episodes. Each “mini-series” covers a different mission – with filming taking place in Nepal, South Africa and Malaysia.

The first block, Our Girl: Nepal Tour, began broadcasting in October 2017.

The second block is about to begin, while the final four episodes of the series are expected to air later in 2018.

What will happen in the next series of Our Girl? 

The first 2018 mini-series will encompass two separate plots.

First, 2 Section will head to Nigeria. “When they arrive in this village, some schoolgirls have been taken,” Our Girl creator Tony Grounds tells RadioTimes.com.

“That north part of Nigeria is controlled by Boko Haram whereas the south is government-controlled. So they go there and are embroiled in a situation that tries to free the schoolgirls,” he adds, explaining that he drew direct inspiration from the real-life 2014 abduction of 276 Chibok schoolgirls by the terrorist organisation.


The unit are then joined by special forces on the Guatemalan/Belize border on a separate mission where a couple of soldiers get lost in the jungle. “There are drug runners working that border and smuggling the drugs across it so they’re in a dangerous situation – there are people who would kill them given half the chance because they feel they might have rumbled their drug routes,” explains Grounds.

Are there any new characters?

Yes, one pretty major one, actually. Elvis’s replacement is a bloke named Bones who heads up his old special forces unit when it comes to the rescue of 2 Section. And while we’re not allowed to report who is playing him, we will say the actor in question is rather easy on the eye.

What about Rab – is he ok?

Yes, Rab recovers and will be in the next series – as will Maisie and the rest of the 2 Section regulars. And we can expect to see a continuation of that blossoming romance between the two squaddies. “He definitely burns for her,” says Grounds. “I’m slightly conscious that I don’t want them to just bonk because where does it go from there? I’m quite enjoying an old fashioned romance because it wasn’t the primary one – obviously you had Elvis and Georgie and you don’t want two similar things going on – but the Maisie and Rab situation will continue in its own inimitable way.”


And Captain James – does he have a future in the army?

“He’s seen a lot of tours and he’s becoming battle weary and he’s starting to feel the stress of the trauma of each tour,” explains Grounds.

“He certainly continues for the next two tours but Captain James will be doing a lot of self reflection and therapy after the final tour, and then… is he somebody who would want to take a desk job in Whitehall? Because he’s had a career in the army. Or is he someone who would like a fresh start? He doesn’t know yet.”


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