What is the Our Girl theme tune?

Discover more about the song playing over the BBC drama's brand new opening titles


New year, new opening titles. As Our Girl returns to screens for a brand new series, you might notice something a little different in the opening minutes of episode one.


Yup, gone are the moody pop and massive, er, puddles of the series two sequence and in their place is something altogether more upbeat.

The series three song is by Jordan Mackampa and is rather appropriately titled Battlecry – you can have a listen below…

The punchy anthem from the Coventry-based singer-songwriter is accompanied by a pacy montage of footage featuring the various members of 2 Section and the missions they find themselves on.

The tune is a far cry from last series which opened with Birdy’s Hear You Calling set against a backdrop of stormclouds and a LOT of rain.

The new episodes of Our Girl see the return of Michelle Keegan and Luke Pasqualino as 2 Section are stationed out in Nepal on disaster relief following a devastating earthquake. The first four episodes make up one of three mini-series, with the following two due to broadcast in 2018.


Our Girl airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC1