10 Rillington Place was John and Ethel Christie's house from 1938, and the scene of at least eight murders and eight concealed corpses during the 1940s and 1950s. But does the setting of the new BBC serial killer drama starring Tim Roth still exist? 

Here’s what you need to know about the Rillington house of horrors.

Is 10 Rillington Place still there?

No. To rest any associations with murderer John Christie, Rillington Place was renamed Runton Close in May 1954, but it was eventually demolished in 1970. 

You can see Christie’s old house (the one with the white door) in the clip below.

Although John Christie’s street has been long-since destroyed, you can still locate where the house would be on Google maps. However, Google street view won’t let you go down Wesley Square, the road now closest to the old Rillington Place site. 

Where was Rillington Place filmed?

Far from John Christie's original street. Many of the inside scenes were shot in BBC Scotland’s Dumbarton Studios and the streets of Glasgow doubled as 1940s and 1950s London.

Has any drama been filmed in Rillington Place?

Yes, some external shots for 10 Rillington Place, the movie released in 1971 starring Richard Attenborough as John Christie, were filmed in the street shortly before its demolition. 

Rillington Place is on 9pm Tuesdays, BBC1