If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who spin-off Class and wondered why there’s no real adult supervision for the collection of good-looking teenagers and verbally abusive teacher fighting nasty aliens, then you’re in luck – because it turns out that at least Ofsted have their eyes on Coal Hill Academy.

A picture released on the official Class twitter account, shows us a report following the school inspection depicted in episode two, with Katherine Kelly’s alien warrior-turned physics teacher Miss Quill criticised for “unprovoked rudeness and grossly offensive behaviour,” “total disregard for the A-Level curriculum” – oh yes, and physically assaulting the Inspector.

Then again, given that the Inspector in question was later revealed to be a robot working for the school governors who was destroyed by a magic space dragon, we’re surprised he managed to write such a full report, but hey – at least somebody’s taking the weird situation at Coal Hill seriously.

Class is currently airing on BBC America