Could Alan Partridge score a Christmas number one?

Cuddly Toy singer Andrew Roachford has expressed an interest in teaming up with Steve Coogan for an assault on the charts...

Could Alan Partridge score a Christmas number one?
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Susanna Lazarus

It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Alan Partridge's gloriously cringeworthy take on a time-honoured pop chart tradition. But, yes, the Norwich-based radio DJ could be set to put in a bid for this year's Christmas number one. 

Those of you who have paid a visit to the cinema to see Alan's big-screen debut in Alpha Papa will remember the opening credits showing comedian Steve Coogan behind the wheel enthusiastically lip syncing to Roachford's Cuddly Toy. 

The song – which first soared to number four in the charts in 1989 – has enjoyed a belated surge in popularity since it featured in the film, generating a buzz on iTunes, Spotify and Twitter. Lead singer Andrew Roachford is no longer in the spotlight, but continues to write and perform his music around the world – and, tantalisingly, has expressed an interest in teaming up with Coogan for an assault on the coveted Christmas chart summit. 

When asked whether he and Partridge could release a timely collaboration, Roachford told Spoonfed Blog, "Well, it's interesting you say that. There are some people discussing something like that at the moment."

But there may be a spanner in the works... "On a personal level I would love to do it, it would be great fun; it's just whether I'm on tour or out of the country when those things are actually happening. If I'm here, then great but if not then that will be a shame – here's hoping."

For a taster of what could (fingers crossed) be splashed across radio stations this festive season, take a look at the clip below:


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