Borderline Murder

Borderline Murder

Andrew C Erin (2011)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Slow, stupid and uneventful: this join-the-dots snooze-fest about an illegal plastic surgery ring is a lesson how not to make a thriller. It's a shame because, thematically at least, the film's got more potential than most produced-for-TV fare, as law student Brooke Burns's hunt for her missing sister leads her to a Mexican clinic that's performing dodgy cosmetic procedures for cash-strapped US citizens. Poor scripting and pedestrian direction are largely to blame for the relentless flatness and unrealism of proceedings, with the absence of atmosphere in particular accentuating the crater-filled plot. Burns herself is miscast, never able to make her frequently illogical character either believable or sympathetic. Consequently, even the supposedly moving ending lacks emotional punch - though admittedly her lame final line doesn't help.


A law student is suspicious of the mysterious circumstances surrounding her sister's death, and decides to investigate the case herself. She discovers a network of unlicensed plastic surgery centres providing customers with cheap, but crude and dangerous cosmetic treatments. Thriller, starring Brooke Burns and George Stults.

Cast & Crew

Abby Brooke Burns
Michael George Stults
Tim David Moscow
Halie Alexandra Lydon
Jean Catherine Hicks
Dr Victor Sparks Clayton Rohner
Ray Greg Vaughan
Director Andrew C Erin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence.