The Road: a Story of Life and Death

  • PG
  • Marc Isaacs (2012)
  • UK / Ire
  • 78 min
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3 out of 5

Striving to show how individuals fare in a melting-pot community, documentary film-maker Marc Isaacs follows the A5 from Holyhead to Cricklewood to offer an insight into the lives of aspiring Irish singer Keelta, retired labourer Billy, 95-year-old Jewish lady Peggy (who fled from the Nazis in 1938), German air hostess-turned-hostel owner Brigitte, Indian hotel concierge Iqbal and exiled Burmese Buddhist Nomm. Each has a fascinating tale to tell, but Isaacs doesn't afford them equal screen time, so a couple of potentially intriguing stories are neglected. However, his focus on Peggy and Billy is understandable, as her recollections of leaving Austria and subsequent unhappy marriage contrast so poignantly with his alcoholic struggle to replace the camaraderie he had known while working in the construction industry. The local atmosphere is deftly caught, but the personalities ultimately prove as elusive as their dreams.

Plot Summary

Premiere. Documentary telling the stories of people from around the world living along the A5 who came to London in search of a fresh start, including an Irish aspiring singer working in a Cricklewood pub. Plus, the stories of a hotel employee from Kashmir hoping to raise enough money to fly his wife out to England, an elderly Jewish woman who fled to Britain to escape Nazi Germany and a German woman running a hostel for language students.

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Marc Isaacs

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Released 22 Feb 2013