Hors Satan

  • 15
  • Bruno Dumont (2011)
  • Fr / Neth (SUB)
  • 105 min
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4 out of 5

Few film-makers are as divisive as Bruno Dumont (Flanders, Hadewijch) and his sixth feature will either confirm acclamations or reinforce prejudices about his highly challenging work. Once again making no narrative or stylistic concessions, Dumont descends on a hamlet in northern France, chronicling the unconventional relationship between a mysterious guy (David Dewaele) who survives on charitable handouts while wandering the beaches and marshland, and a goth girl (Alexandra Lemâtre) who seeks his advice in dealing with her abusive stepfather. But it remains unclear whether the man is an angel or a demon, as he commits murder, conducts a Brimstone and Treacle-type exorcism on a child and seduces a backpacker to the point of delirious ecstasy. Indeed, Dumont offers few clues as to the message (if any) he is striving to convey. But this approach forces viewers to engage with the consciously sketchy characters and Yves Cape's bleak imagery in order to derive their own meaning.

Plot Summary

A loner lives wild on the beaches of a coastal town, exhibiting strange healing powers and seemingly defending the area against evil. He forms a close friendship with a girl being abused by her stepfather, but his rejection of her sexual advances leads to tragedy. Drama, starring David Dewaele and Alexandra Lematre. In French.

Cast and crew


The Guy
David Dewaele
The Girl
Alexandra Lemâtre
Christophe Bon
Juliette Bacquet
Aurore Broutin
Kid's mother
Sonia Barthelemy


Bruno Dumont

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French +subtitles
Theatrical distributor: 
New Wave Films
Available on DVD
Released 21 Dec 2012
Certificate 15