Electric Man

Electric Man

David Barras (2012)

12A Certificate


Our Score
Edinburgh provides the eye-catching backdrop to this micro-budget caper about the pursuit of a fabled (and very valuable) superhero comic. When the first issue of Electric Man accidentally ends up in Toby Manley and Mark McKirdy's cash-strapped comic-book shop, the amiably dippy duo soon find themselves the target of an obsessed American collector, a murderous Glaswegian hard man (played by former Marillion frontman Fish, going under his real name, Derek Dick) and a caped femme fatale. What follows often belies its paltry £55,000 budget thanks to photogenic locations, witty badinage and a cast performing with gusto. Aiming for a Clerks vibe, this labour of love from director/co-writer David Barras is not funny (or filthy) enough to rival Kevin Smith's seminal 1994 slacker comedy; it's also more likely to appeal to comic-book geeks than superhero-movie fans. But if you're prepared to overlook its financial shortcomings, then you'll enjoy what is an entertaining and knowing little yarn.

Cast & Crew

Jason Archer Toby Manley
Wolf Mark McKirdy
Uncle Jimmy Fish
Lauren McCall Jennifer Ewing
Edison Bolt Mark McDonnell
Victoria Emily Lockwood
Landlord Andre Vincent
Director David Barras
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: DugbusGuidance: Some swearing, sexual references.Released on: 30 Nov 2012