The Daisy Chain

  • Aisling Walsh (2008)
  • Ire / UK
  • 89 min
The Daisy Chain
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2 out of 5

The wilds of Ireland provide an imposing and suitably bleak backdrop for this otherwise uninspiring twist on the "evil kid" movie. Combined with a mournful score, they alone give the slow and predictable horror thriller its atmosphere, as bland couple Samantha Morton and Steven Mackintosh become embroiled in a series of strange occurrences after taking in a troubled local orphan (impressive youngster Mhairi Anderson) who's believed to be a fairy changeling. Whether community opinion is right is up to the audience to decide, since the unrealistic events remain not just ambiguous but often frustratingly unclear. Ultimately, director Aisling Walsh (Song for a Raggy Boy) neglects the already weak plot and its themes of superstition, motherhood and loss; instead focusing excessively on Anderson's creepily expressive face. As a result, key moments have limited impact, with the climax proving particularly underwhelming.

Plot Summary

Horror thriller starring Samantha Morton and Steven Mackintosh. A couple grieving over the loss of their baby daughter move to a remote Irish village where they take in an orphaned autistic girl. But following a series of unusual occurrences, they begin to question the young girl's origins.

Cast and crew


Martha Conroy
Samantha Morton
Tomas Conroy
Steven Mackintosh
Daisy Gahan
Mhairi Anderson
Sean Cryan
David Bradley (2)
Eva Birthistle
Brendan McCormack


Aisling Walsh

Other Information

Violence and swearing.