Status Quo: Hello Quo

  • 15
  • Alan G Parker (2012)
  • UK
  • 152 min
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4 out of 5

When a band has been together (in its various incarnations) for half a century, it's inevitable that there will be as many must-tell anecdotes as hit singles. Status Quo have more than their fair share of both and, fortunately, director Alan G Parker has realised that it takes time to tell the full story of the band: this definitive account may clock in at over two hours 30 minutes, but it is one of the best rockumentaries of recent times. Putting aside the bitterness that seeped in over the years, core members Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan recall their journey from childhood friends to their 1970s heyday and subsequent rock legend status with clarity and affection. Fans ranging from Cliff Richard and Jeff Lynne to Paul Weller and Brian May dispel the idea of "The Quo" being three-chord thrashers by discussing the dynamism, distinctiveness and deftness of their sound. The group's most famous songs - from Pictures of Matchstick Men to Rockin' All Over the World - are all here, and the squabbles, drug binges, health scares and rare misfires are confronted with laudable frankness. It's compelling stuff, and the climactic reunion performance of In My Chair will have toes tapping and stiff upper lips quivering.

Plot Summary

Music documentary. After 45 years, 128 million album sales, 108 Top of the Pops appearances and just three chords - at last the story of Brit rockers Status Quo can be told.

Cast and crew


Francis Rossi
Francis Rossi
Rick Parfitt
Rick Parfitt
Alan Lancaster
Alan Lancaster
John Coghlan
John Coghlan
Andrew Bown
Andrew Bown
Jeff Rich
Jeff Rich
John "Rhino" Edwards,
John "Rhino" Edwards
Matt Letley
Matt Letley


Alan G Parker

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Colour and Black and White
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Anchor Bay Films
Swearing, sexual references.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 19 Oct 2012
Certificate 15

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