Lying to Be Perfect

Lying to Be Perfect

Gary Harvey (2010)

PG Certificate


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Sisterhood, self-confidence and, sadly, skinniness prove the key to female fulfilment in this far-fetched, book-based fantasy, in which overweight editor Poppy Montgomery and her two best friends strive to "become the women we know we are inside". Forming a so-called Cinderella Pact (the original novel's title), they vow to help each other lose weight, using advice columns secretly written by Montgomery as their bible. Initially, events are playful yet thought-provoking, with veteran TV director Gary Harvey combining a light touch and clichés to examine the media and society's treatment of those deemed imperfect. But an abrupt tonal shift and seriously conflicting messages suck the fun out of the second half, making the simplistic, fairy-tale-style climax come across as patronising and hollow.


An overweight magazine editor secretly writes an advice column under an assumed name. She and her friends are inspired to follow her alter ego's suggestions and lose weight, sending all three of them on a life-changing journey. Romantic comedy, starring Poppy Montgomery, Adam Kaufman and Chelah Horsdal.

Cast & Crew

Nola Devlin / Belinda Apple Poppy Montgomery
Chip / Alex Adam Kaufman
Nancy Chelah Horsdal
Deb Audrey Wasilewski
Lori Michelle Harrison
Joy Julia Anderson
Ted Mark Brandon
Charlotte Gabrielle Rose
Director Gary Harvey
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Language: EnglishColour
Comedy Drama