What Richard Did

  • 15
  • Lenny Abrahamson (2012)
  • Ire
  • 83 min
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Film Review
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4 out of 5

In this engrossing Irish drama, a Dublin student puts his bright future at risk when bristling jealousy over his girlfriend's old flame gets out of hand on one fateful night. Newcomer Jack Reynor is highly impressive in the demanding central role, displaying the charisma that makes protagonist Richard the alpha male in his circle of middle-class achievers, yet also conveying genuine depth to his soul-searching when the full implications of his actions hit home. Director Lenny Abrahamson, previously known for his affecting portraits of social misfits in Adam & Paul and Garage, takes a subtle, thought-provoking approach to the material. And while he doesn't hammer the point home, there is an undoubted resonance here with the rise and fall of the Irish national psyche in the wake of the country's recent economic travails. It all adds up to a film that avoids melodramatic excess to offer a compelling, haunting portrayal of one young man at a moral crossroads.

Plot Summary

Drama based on a true story, starring Jack Reynor. A privileged South Dublin teenager viscously attacks a rival for a girl's affections. The event destroys his promising future, tears those close to him apart and forces him to accept that he may not be the person he thought he was.

Cast and crew


Richard Karlsen
Jack Reynor
Lara Hogan
Roisin Murphy
Conor Harris
Sam Keeley
Peter Karlsen
Lars Mikkelsen
Gavin Drea
Fionn Walton
Katherine Karlsen
Lorraine Pilkington
Pat Kilroy
Padraic Delaney
Jake Galvin
Patrick Gibson


Lenny Abrahamson

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Artificial Eye
Swearing, some violence, sex scenes, sexual references.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 11 Jan 2013
Certificate 15